As far as I can find some time, reading is one of my favourite passions. Usually I like to read books of all genres, and it depends on how I feel to choose the next one. In my early times I had special phases of authors: "Agatha Christie", "H.G.Konsalik", "J.M.Simmel" and others. Actually I still love reading spy stories but I like also lovestories, tragedies and true ones.

It has been my grandma who awoke my passion for reading. She gave me a pretty nice girls book as a christmas-gift and I loved it so much that I saved all my pocket-money to buy the whole 12 issues during the next time.

I don't like wellthumbed books, therefore one can't find me in any common library. Books those I like very much, I want to own myself and to buy a book is always a special moment for me. At the booksellers I  leave my eyes "walking over all the different covers". As far as one cover is able to catch my interest I read the words on its backside and wait for an inspiration. I'd rather buy two books as to leave one in the shop. My preferance aren't only famous authors, I like reading books of "no-names", also. A famous name isn't any guarantee for the quality of a book and trust me, I've read a lot of good ones from "no-name-authors" and also nearly bad ones from famous writers.

It's comparing to the winners of an "Oscar". Quite often I ask myself  "what in heaven" has been worthy to receive any Oscar for this movie or that actor. But who is really able and allowed to criticize the work of others???

I guess one is only allowed to vote for oneself to say: "I like it or I don't like it."

By the way, I am for myself such a "no-name-authoress" and I hope others think in a comparing way about me.


I've chosen a couple of books those are still a fresh memory to me. Use the link by pressing the books to find the page with my opinions. You'll find those also by using the link "bookworm" over navigation-border at the left side.